SCPW Services

Paramount, CA 1,900 SQFT Concrete polishing at 800 Grit , Natural finish , with engraved logo
Corona, CA 25,000 SQFT Stamp Concrete Restoration By staining
Cathedral city, CA 1,850 Sqft , We removed all tile from this house, concrete leveling on 600 sqft, Moisture mitigation coating on all surface, concrete overlay at 1/4", polishing up to 1500grit with walnut acid stain .
Hollywood, CA 450 SQFT Natural finish polished concrete up to 3000 grit .
Yorba Linda, CA 2500 SQFT Glue Removal and Water base staining with gray color.
Riverside, CA 1200 SQFT Concrete restoration by staining with navajo and walnut s
Long Beach, CA 800 SQFT Old tile removal, Moisture mitigation coating, concrete overlay with water base metal gray and shades of Charcoal gray, 100% solid epoxy and satin finish urethane .
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 1200 sqft Stamp concrete Restoration by staining with sand color and walnut highlights
Moreno Valley, CA 1800 SQFT Concrete Polishing with Dark Almond, rust and a bit of walnut
Norco, CA 2,500 SQFT Old paint and sealer removal , Concrete color densifier on Saddle brown, Tuscany Red, and Caramel and Dark Brown for the fire pit design
Temecula, CA 2000 Sqft Paint removal by grinding and concrete acid stain Application
Norco, CA 1,200 SQFT Acid Stain with design
Los Angeles, CA 1,800 SQFTPaint removal by Grinding and staining with walnut and black acid stain.
Yorba Linda, CA 850 SQFTConcrete Overlay with acid stain .

SCPW offers a wide variety of decorative concrete applications, such as polishing concrete, burnish concrete, concrete dye color stain, acid base concrete stain and water base staining, scored patterns, stenciling, 1/8 to 1/4 Overlay stamping or polishing, epoxy floor coatings, 1/16 smooth and Broom finish and much more. Each concrete project is done to create a long-lasting, easy-to-maintain surface. Design options are virtually limitless --- from a simple tile pattern to an elaborate stenciled overlay...we do it all. We can transform your ordinary concrete into an extraordinary combination of colors, texture, richness, and depth. 


(More Pictures by Request )