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    Concrete Staining

    Using concrete stain is an easy way to customize gray concrete. It will bring color and life to your pool deck, driveway, patio, sidewalk, entrance, interior concrete and more. Stain is a perfect alternative to renovate and restore old concrete; it allows your concrete to maintain its natural appearance and character. There are two different types of Concrete stains, Water base stains and acid base stains, application of this stains depends on the surface condition and final look desired by customer. Water base stains will give you a more uniform look and they are suitable for almost any concrete, acid base stains are mostly use for new concrete or resurfaced concrete as new concrete and resurfaced concrete will have the chemistry necessary for acid stain to work, we use acid base stains on interiors as they look amazing and resemble the look of natural stone, giving the floor the look of a big granite slab .we can remove your carpet or any type of flooring and resurface it to achieve a new look and use different colors of stain and it will look just amazing. You can see more examples of stained concrete in our concrete stain or concrete resurfacing page, we have many different ways to apply concrete stain and every time is different, let us give you a free consultation on your next project.